About Me

My Philosophy

Throughout my 20 plus years as a fine art photographer, I’ve tirelessly nurtured my sensitivity for capturing the essence of beauty. From the subtle to the sublime I’ve sought beauty as manifested through the relationship of light and line, shape, and sensuality. I firmly believe that all people possess what I refer to as the beauty dynamic; that moment when light and form intersect to present each of us in our most beautiful image. Most people at some point in their lives have seen that one photo where they said, “Wow, I’ve never looked so good”. That’s the beauty dynamic, and that’s what I love about glamour photography.

It’s my mission to create that transformative photograph that liberates you from your daily image, and reveals the beauty behind your veil. Self-image is the most important component of who we are, all else resonates from this core element in our personality. Glamour imagery at its very finest changes our self-image, shifts our paradigm, and unveils the beauty in each of us.

Please contact me for a photo session and help me capture your transformative moment.

My Background

Since graduating with a Business Marketing degree from the University of Washington I’ve spent the last 21 years as a self-employed entrepreneur. First as a travel photographer and more recently as a studio photographer and web designer.

Making a living in a creative field is no easy task. It requires hard work, business savvy, and of course talent. I’ve done it for over two decades, I’ve learned a lot along the way, and from this I have a great deal of insight and knowledge to share with my clients. Whether I’m your photographer, web designer, or both, rest assured my education, experience and talent work together to deliver the very best outcome for your needs.

To learn more about how my skill set can provide solutions for your needs contact me for your free consultation.

Tools & Techniques

With a career that began in 1991, mainstream use of digital cameras and post-production Photoshop were still nearly a decade away. Pre-digital, old school photographers like myself learned our craft the old fashioned way through pain staking trial and error, constant experimentation, and rigorous self-evaluation. Though laborious by today’s standards, it was the perfect way to hone my skills for capturing beauty and light in a manner uncommon to many.

As technology evolved, I evolved with it and in 2001 I switched my print making from a traditional chemical darkroom to a modern digital lab. Today my in-studio equipment consists of two PC workstations, a 44 inch large format fully photographic printer, tethered in-session laptops, and high resolution digital SLRs utilizing the finest professional lenses on the market. This equipment and over 10 years of Photoshop experience have elevated my post-production portraiture editing to an expert level. I’ve now fully embraced the digital era and my imagery is better for it.

My studio sessions are equipped with state of the art Elinchrom strobes, numerous light modifiers, booms, stands, gobos and sweep backdrops. My vast equipment resources provide the ability to execute any lighting technique regardless of complexity. For a visual idea of possibilities take a look at my Imagery page.

Yep, that’s me shooting an Indian