For clients that have never participated in a glamour photo session, it’s sometimes hard to visualize the metamorphosis of an image from the initial camera capture to the final completed print. The following before and after version of the same image should illustrate the process more fully.

The before image below shows the original, unedited version as initially captured in my digital camera. The client situated on a chaise lounge is positioned in front of a white sweep background set up for high key illumination.

The next image shows the after, final version of the image above. The first change I made was to crop the image to its final size. Second, I adjusted the exposure for the white background to give it the final high key look. Third, I lightened the exposure on the client’s skin as well as giving her a slightly warmer, more tanned tone. With my fourth step I increased the color saturation of her lingerie to give it that extra little “pop”. With step five I did a little housekeeping and cleaned up the bottom edges of the chaise and removed its shadow from the white sweep. Lastly I applied the classic “glamour glow” filter to the client to soften her skin and remove any blemishes, then flipped the image horizontally just because I could.

By comparing the above two images you can see I’ve executed several important steps to transform the original raw capture, to the final polished image. Despite the seeming complexity of the workflow, these steps are implemented with every image the client chooses for inclusion to their finished portfolio.