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Wardrobe Considerations

Choosing your wardrobe is the most important aspect of your glamour session preparation. Finding outfits that help you look and feel sexy will boost your confidence and get you psyched for the shoot. Because this process is so integral to the success of your images, plan accordingly and your efforts will be rewarded.Read More

Creative Use of Artificial Light

Lighting choices for a photo shoot can greatly affect both the mood of the image and physical look of the model. While I love natural light sources for their soft and flattering illumination, artificial light offers dramatic effects that change an image entirely. Options I employ include high-key, low-key, strobe with natural light as fill, strobe with ambient light, and strobe only.Read More

Outfits vs Looks

It’s typical in the glamour industry for photographers to limit the number of outfit changes. The rationale being that changing outfits takes time, and the more time spent changing results in less time available for shooting. To balance the needs of clients with the practical constraints of time, I suggest thinking in terms of “looks” rather than outfits. You can create an outfit ensemble so that one look can provide a variety of options.Read More

Posing Tips, Symmetry vs Asymmetry

Under most circumstances the primary goal when photographing the female form is to reveal its sensual curves. Though perhaps counter-intuitive, the best way to achieve this is with asymmetrical posing. Often this means posing the model with one arm higher than the other, or one leg straight with the other bent. The following two images illustrate this principle in both a standing and sitting pose.Read More

Posing Tips, Revealing the Hour Glass

In previous posts I’ve discussed ways to accentuate the positives while minimizing the negatives for specific features from a woman’s figure. What I’d like to discuss in this post is how to bring it all together whether for a full body or partial body pose. What differentiates a woman’s figure from a man’s, is of course the hour glass shape. And for the purposes of this post I’ll discuss the easiest methods to revealing it.Read More

Posing Tips, From the Neck Down

While some women can seemingly strike a sexy pose without much thought, most benefit from at least a little coaching. It’s easy to assume a woman with a size two figure and hour glass shape produces the best poses, but in reality hot poses can be taught and anyone can execute them.Read More

Posing Tips, From the Neck Up

In my previous post I discussed how to pose your figure for effective images. Today I’ll discuss how simple facial expressions can set the mood of a photograph.Read More

Dress for Success

If the intent is to present yourself as an elite luxury entertainer then the clothing you choose goes a long ways toward projecting that image. The old adage to “dress for success” is as true in the modeling and entertainment industry as it is on Wall Street. An evening dress, shoes, lingerie, proper accessorizing, and hair & make-up all play a role in creating the desired persona.Read More

On Location Preparation

Shooting on location is one of my favorite things to do and a great way for a client to make an individualized statement. While some location shooting is universally desired by many clients, i.e. beach location photography, I always encourage clients to choose a setting or theme unique to their own personality.Read More