Black and White Image Conversion

In this digital age it’s easy to understand why people think converting a color image to black & white is a simple Photoshop task. And in truth it is simple, but if you want your image to be beautiful in black & white, advanced planning is required. I’ve listed some considerations to help lead to success.Read More

Photoshop & Post Production Editing

In this age of Photoshop, post production editing possibilities are seemingly endless. The question sometimes comes up why “Photoshop” at all? The simple answer is that this genre is glamour, not photojournalism. I’m not trying to photograph you in everyday light looking like your everyday self. Famous celebrities want to be seen at their very best, and you should as well. So just as with a glamorous runway model, my goal is to capture you at your alluring best. This means in the softest light, sexiest poses and most flattering outfits. And it means editing with the most advanced digital software available, Photoshop.Read More

Before and After

For clients that have never participated in a glamour photo session, it’s sometimes hard to visualize the metamorphosis of an image from the initial camera capture to the final completed print. The following before and after version of the same image should illustrate the process more fully.Read More